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A Newer, Smarter Alarm Communications Platform

IntelliNet 2.0 brings alarm dealers and contract central stations the next generation of AES global alarm communication solutions. This powerful platform leverages state-of-the-art technology, applies cutting-edge advanced security protection, enables future ready capabilities, provides simplified unit programming, and is engineered for backward compatibility with legacy systems. The forward compatible design allows for feature add-ons, engineered to adapt seamlessly with future software upgrades as technology advances.

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Features That Are Changing The Game

7707 2.0 Fire Subscriber Feature Highlights

Applies Advanced Security Protection

IntelliNet 2.0 is a hardened security system developed as countermeasure to mitigate potential vulnerabilities. A unique Dealer Code safeguards and protects confidential data providing an added layer of security with end-to-end encryption.

Enables Future Ready Capabilities

The IntelliNet 2.0 forward compatible design allows for feature add-ons, developed to work seamlessly with future software upgrades.

Offers Flexible Configuration Options

IntelliNet 2.0 utilizes Multiple Communication Technologies (MCT) compatible with commonly used alarm panels, offers flexible power options, and the intuitive web-based graphic user interface enables remote access via laptop, tablet, smartphone, or USB.

Leverages State of the Art Technology

IntelliNet 2.0 employs the latest in computing technology, adopting the most current communication methods available, developed with valuable feedback from our global dealer network.

Engineered for Backward Compatibility

IntelliNet 2.0 subscriber units integrate with current private wireless networks and are compatible with legacy systems.

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7007 2.0 Burglary Subscriber Feature Highlights

Enables Upload / Download Capability

The new AES 7007 2.0 Burglary Subscriber enables Upload/Download capability for advanced panel programming via Compass 2.0.

Emulates Virtual Keypad

The IntelliNet 2.0 platform on the new 7007 2.0 Burglary Subscriber emulates a Virtual Keypad for remote programming of the alarm panel to arm and disarm.

Includes Multiple Communication Technologies

In addition to Upload/Download capability, the new 7007 2.0 Burglary Subscriber premium model includes Multiple Communication Technologies (MCT) feature.

Accommodates Varied Power Options

IntelliNet 2.0 offers flexible power options on the new 7007 2.0 Burglary Subscriber for powering from dedicated power or auxiliary security alarm panel.

Designed for Expanded Certifications

The new 7007 2.0 Burglary Subscriber was designed for expanded UL security certifications (complies with UL 1610, UL 365, and UL Household Security 1023; UL Household Fire, and UL 985).

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Find out more about what the new IntelliNet 2.0 can do for you

AES patented mesh radio technology will never sunset compared to cellular alternatives. AES networks are self-forming, self-healing, and highly scalable. IntelliNet 2.0 capabilities include utilizing an Internet connection for installations requiring a secondary alarm path and dual reporting of alarm signals, i.e. Multiple Communication Technologies (MCT).

The AES Model 7707 complies with UL 864 10th Edition for Primary Standalone Communication Compliance as well as NFPA 72 code compliance requirements. IntelliNet 2.0 supports all new and legacy FACPs. The 7707 is ideal for drop-in replacement of phone lines and future ready to meet emerging and advanced security industry standards.

The 2.0 Fire subscriber was designed with quick configuration and installation in mind to make it easier for field technicians to get in, out, and on to the next install.