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Case Studies

AES alarm communication solutions have been implemented at monitoring companies across the globe, providing alarm reporting for all types of users. Our customers continually find new ways to use the wireless mesh radio communications to solve their challenges. The patented technology has been proven time and again. Here are some real world examples of AES-IntelliNet networks making our client successful:

  • Monitoring Alarm Dealers – Our monitoring station alarm dealers use AES-IntelliNet mesh radio communications to gain full end-to-end control of their business—from installation to monitoring and now to communications (eliminating the reliance on 3rd party cellular and telephone communications providers) in order to improve and more profitably improve the quality and speed of their service.

  • DynaFire Case Study
  • “Zero AES Subscriber units were impacted by the hurricane, regarding being hit by the storm or damaged. Two dozen antennas and some brackets needed to be readjusted and redeployed after the storm to reposition. We lost no units due to water, wind, or storm damage including the IP Links. Our mesh radio network, DynaNet, was 100% solvent. We only had to replace 60-75 batteries mounted outside and in breezeways due to prolonged use during power outages. There were no actual equipment faults.” -Chris Creamer, DynaNet Development Manager, DynaFire

  • Per Mar Case Study
  • “While other alternatives have their advantages, AES has worked well for customers that have monitoring of an alarm panel – most importantly, commercial Fire accounts. With traditional phone lines becoming more of a problem with customers or providers switching to Voice over IP (VoIP), we have been able to come in with AES to eliminate the phone line(s) from being an issue.” – Evan Bailey, Manager of Technical Services, Per Mar Security Services


  • Contract Central Station (CCS) Dealers – Our CCS alarm dealers use AES-IntelliNet mesh radio communications in order to provide their installing dealers with the benefits of AES-IntelliNet technology that full service monitoring alarm dealers have. It benefits CCS dealers by allowing them to attract and retain installing dealers to their Contract Central Station.

  • CAC
  • “Thanks to AES’ self-healing network, none of our networks went down and we only had minor issues after the storm with batteries needing to be replaced. AES technology allows us to quickly get a customer online without having to wait for phone lines or internet service to the site. It also provides our customers a reliable form of communication without the additional high monthly cost of traditional solutions such as GSM, IP, etc.
    – Russell Jones, Vice President at Central Alarm Control, Inc.

  • Wayne Alarm Case Study
  • AES is the only vendor that provides us with our own mesh communications network, so we can consistently deliver reliable, world- class alarm services while maintaining full control over operations and costs.” – Jeff Kahn, General Manager, Wayne Alarm Systems

  • Military Bases – Military bases utilize AES-IntelliNet mesh radio communications in order to eliminate the high cost and maintenance of phone lines, legacy radio systems, and improve the reliability and speed of their alarm communications.

  • Schools and Universities – Universities and public K-12 school systems utilize AES-IntelliNet mesh radio communications in order to eliminate the cost and maintenance of phone lines and improve the reliability and speed of their alarm communications. They also avoid having to utilize their school’s IT networks which do not have the ‘uptime’ necessary for the life safety needs of the university.

  • Government Entities/Municipalities – Government entities such as foreign security police departments and fire departments use AES-IntelliNet as a means for providing a much more reliable means of alarm communications while also generating revenue for their department to offset their costs of providing a better level of service.

  • Republic of Georgia Case Study
  • “We tried it and we did not lose one signal. It’s exactly what we needed.” – Giorgio Jaliashvili, Deputy Head of Technical Development

  • Public Venues – Public serving entities providing security for public spaces or public events utilize AES broadband wireless communications technology (not to be confused with AES-IntelliNet technology) to provide wireless transmission of CCTV/Video Cameras to avoid the time and cost of digging and trenching for cabling.

  • London Olympics Case Study
  • “. . . we managed to get the units shipped from the USA, installed and running in only 4 days.” – Jason McCreanney, CEO of Keyhole Security


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