Multiple Communication Technologies (MCT)

The robust IntelliNet 2.0 MCT feature provides dual communication transport from Customer premise to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) and five modes of operation:

Mesh Radio Only

Internet Only

Mesh as Primary
Transport with
IP as backup

IP as Primary
Transport with
Mesh as backup

Delivery via both
Mesh and IP

Benefits of MCT

  • Expand AES network to areas where Mesh radio is not available
  • High degree of network availability, so you can grow beyond the bounds of the Mesh network
  • Independent supervision of Mesh and IP transport which follows NFPA and UL standards
  • Hardened secure IP transport using AES-128 encryption
  • Supports all sole-path Fire subscriber features
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How to Order

2.0 Fire






2.0 Fire Subscriber (8 Zone unit with Multiple Communication Technologies

2.0 Fire Subscriber (8 Zone unit with AES-IntelliPro & MCT)

2.0 Fire Subscriber (4 Zone unit with MCT)

2.0 Fire Subscriber (4 Zone unit with AES-IntelliPro & MCT)

2.0 Fire MCT Upgrade (Software)

2.0 Burglary



2.0 Burglary Subscriber (Unit with Upload/Download & MCT included)

2.0 Burglary Subscriber (Unit with Upload/Download, AES-IntelliPro, & MCT)

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The 7707 2.0 Fire Subscriber has the MCT feature enabled and activated by default.
License is no longer required.

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To activate MCT functionality on 2.0 Burg units previously purchased without MCT installed at the factory, download MCT 2.0 Burg software update files (no License Key required).