Monitor More With Your AES Network

More Than Fire & Burg

Did you know that you can monitor more than fire and burglary on your AES network? With the 7007P-RB4 you can program up to 4 wired sensors to detect and automate local conditions while sending event notifications to your central station.

The Permanent Sunset Solution

The Verizon 3G CDMA sunset is slated for December 31st – but this won’t be the last. If you are tired of 3G network retirements and POTS line replacements, update your security network with AES’s reliable wireless communicators that NEVER sunset. Contact your local sales rep. today for a quick, obligation-free call to discuss what solutions are best for your business.

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New network management software coming soon!

New Product Coming in 2023

AES is excited to announce the IntelliNet® Network Control Center (INCC) coming in 2023. This software combines the capabilities of the MultiNet Receiver (MNR), including IP control and the Network Management System (NMS), into one platform. With the new INCC, you will be able to receive and send alarm signals to central station alarm automation software and monitor all facets of your network from a centralized dashboard.

Key Features

User-friendly and intuitive interface

The INCC can support up to 99 business units

Easily manage network equipment and health from one location

Easily shifts instances between different site locations for disaster recovery purposes

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