September Promotion

With the new 3100S-PKG Solar Powered Subscriber, AES dealers can enjoy the flexibility of installing anywhere, regardless of power limitations. In addition to network expansion in areas that would otherwise be unreachable, the Solar Powered Subscriber is also a great network repeater. With the 3100S-PKG, the scalability of your network is limitless. 

"The Solar Powered Subscriber enabled me to install this Subscriber (acting as a repeater) in an area that would have been unusable due to a lack of available power. This location was prime for a repeater to build up a new AES network and is working exactly as planned.” 

Special Price: $950.00

Purchase Now and Save

Now through the end of September, purchase the 3100S-PKG Solar Powered Subscriber for the discounted price of $950.00.

Product Kit Includes:

  1. 50 Watt Solar Panel
  2. Solar Charging Controller
  3. Phantom Antenna with External Mount
  4. Mounting Brackets for Subscriber
  5. Mounting Brackets for Solar Panel
  6. 12 Volt 18 Amp Battery

Promotion Details:

  1. Prior purchases do not apply.
  2. Purchases under this promotion will not count towards any current blanket order commitments. 
  3. This offer is valid through 9/30/23.
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