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Who We Are

AES is a leading manufacturer of one-way private radio alarm systems and alarm communications equipment. Founded in 1974, we are proud to have helped companies like yours build over 1,500 active networks on more than 750,000 AES radios worldwide. Our wireless mesh communication technology allows you to take control of your network, pricing, and future.

What We Do

Our patented radio technology creates private, wireless mesh networks specifically for fire, burglary, and facility applications. We give security dealers and integrators the opportunity to own, control, and grow their own alarm communications networks.

How It Works
  1. Every AES network includes Subscriber Units that act as receiver, transmitter, and repeater.
  2. Each alarm site is linked to your network by the Subscriber’s transceiver (radio).
  3. The network consists of Subscriber Units forming a mesh network, which relays alarm signals through the internet to the central station.
  • A. Alarm Panel
  • B. Subscriber Units
  • C. IP Links
  • D. MultiNet Receivers
Customer Location

Alarm panel and AES Subscriber sends critical event signal.

Mesh Radio Technology

Multi-path AES IntelliNet® Network delivers alarm signals via smart routing.

Central Monitoring Station

Primary and secondary AES MultiNet Receivers receive transmission in 1 to 3 seconds.

Starting Your Network with a FREE IntelliStart Package

We know that once you understand the benefits of network ownership – for example, increased business valuation – you will be committed to growing your AES Network. That’s why we have decided to offer you a FREE IntelliStart package to get your privately owned network up and running.

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*This offer applies to NEW AES customers only.

The Hybrid IntelliStart is perfect for new customers who want to easily start a new network, as well as help existing customers improve or expand their current network. Below is the list of services and products included.

On-site services
  1. IP Link Programming
  2. IP Link Location Visit
  3. Network Certification Training
  4. Employee Certification
  1. (2) 7177H-88-ULP Listed Hybrid Fire Subscribers with built in IP Link capabilities (Includes general component cables and connectors for activation)
  2.  (2) 12V 12 AH Battery
  3. (22)1640 Transformers 
  4. (2) RG-8 75 Ft Cable w/ 1 Connector 
  5. (4) 6 DB Antenna with Mount 
  6. (3) 5 DB Antenna with Mount 
  7. (1) Stealth Antenna 
  8. (1) Phantom Antenna with Bracket 
  9. BNC Male-N Male RG58 Cables: 10’ (2), 15’ (2), 25’ (2)
  10. (2) AES Certified Wifi Adapter
  11. (8) Surge Protectors 
  12. (1) Crimp Tool

Learn How You Can Get Started with a FREE IntelliStart Package from AES today!!!

Contract Central Stations

To learn more about how you can join an AES Network even faster, contact your local area Sales Rep. to discuss how you can join a communal network with one of our contract central stations.

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