5100-OVS Deluxe Alarm Kit

The Model 5100-OVS Deluxe Alarm Kit is our most complete alarm package.

It includes the 5100 alarm panel, with 8 wired zones and up to 48 wireless zones, plus two (2) LCD keypads. Also included are indoor and outdoor siren horns, and a very long list of sensors including 12 door/window transmitters, 2 wireless PIR motion sensors, 2 wireless smoke detectors and much more.


For an accessories comparison chart download the datasheet below.

  • 110/220V – 50/60Hz Power Input
    Includes the AES Super Duty Power Unit
  • Built-In Telephone Digital Dialer
  • Direct Link to AES-IntelliNet Long Range Radio with optional 5182 interface
  • Locking Steel Case
  • Keyless/Wireless Arm-Disarm
  • Additional Keypads can be added
  • Slim line door and window transmitters
Quantity Part # Description
1 5100-EX 48-Zone Wired/Wireless Alarm Panel Provides 8 hardwire zones and up to 48 wireless zones and a full range of features.
2 5105 Keypads with Deluxe LCD Readout Full 2 line display provides operator and installer the information they need.
2 5155 PIR Motion Sensor/Transmitters Covers a range of up to 50 feet (15 meters), and includes a wireless transmitter for quick installation. A powerful, easy to install detector.
2 5135 Wireless Smoke Detector Battery-powered smoke detector has a wireless link to the 5100 alarm panel, sounds the 5100 siren.
2 5110-A Key Fob Transmitters Wireless remote arms/disarms the system – a real convenience for operators. Also serves as a portable panic button.
12 5120 Door/Window Transmitters High-performance wireless transmitters includes a built in door/window contact sensor. May also be used with external sensors. Links the sensor to the alarm panel without wires – fast and easy to install.
16 0024 Wired Magnetic Contact Switches Heavy duty sensor for doors and windows, hardwires to the control panel or transmitter.
4 1209 Wired Panic Switches Simple but important protection for every alarm system, hardwires to the control panel (for wireless panic, see #5115).
2 FF-135 Heat Sensors Detects heat in excess of 135 degrees F, a back up (not a substitute) for smoke alarms.
1 8052 250 Ft Roll of Wire 24-2 for sensors
1 8053 50 Ft Roll of Wire 20-2 for sirens
1 8008 500 Ft Roll of Wire 22-4 deluxe hookup
1 0840 Outdoor Speaker Horn Heavy-duty horn made of non-corrosive, long lasting materials.
1 0818 Indoor Speaker High impact plastic.
1 8124 Backup Battery, 12V, 4.5AH Provides power in event of a power failure. NOTE: Due to Pouch shipping restrictions, some kits DO NOT INCLUDE this battery. Contact AES for details
- - Mounting Hardware For sensors and accessories
- - Manuals For installation and operation