Wireless Mesh Technology

The communications platform you can rely on.

Our technology was originally developed for rigorous military applications. Today, it is used by thousands of companies for fire, burglary, and facility monitoring.

Privately Owned & Operated

Our licensed wireless networks give owners and operators control to expand their monitoring businesses quickly and profitably.

Low Reliance on Public Infrastructure

Differentiate and grow your business with the technology designed to withstand extreme conditions. AES Radio signals keep your network up and running when other methods fail. 

Self-Healing & Fault Tolerant

Multiple path validation logic is the heart of AES technology, with no single point of failure.

How AES uses Wireless Mesh Technology

Radio vs. Cellular

Cellular networks require costly change-outs with every sunset. Wireless mesh technology is more reliable, delivers the fastest transmission speed, and saves on monthly telecommunication fees.

Request Pricing

AES wireless mesh technology makes the 3G, 4G LTE, and 5G replacement process simple with no more repeated cellular upgrades.

Make the switch and convert now — our Sales team is ready to provide you with the quote for what you need today. 

Our Family of AES Products


Protect what matters most⁠ — people and property — with Fire products ranging from subscribers to accessories.


Get safety, speed, and reliability with Burg subscribers and accessories. Ideal for commercial and residential security applications.


Monitor and control environmental applications with the 7007P-RB4 Environmental Monitoring Communicator.