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The AES-IntelliNet product family consists of application specific and general purpose transceivers to monitor and control remote devices. These connect to a central receiver that sends/receives the wireless signal and interfaces with the application software and the wireless network.

Burglary Products

The AES-IntelliNet line of burglary transceivers give customers safety, security, speed, and reliability with no more worries about technology obsolescence and no monthly communication costs.



Central Station Receivers

AES Central Receivers receive alarm signals from the AES radio network and communicate them to your alarm automation software for processing.



Fire Products

AES Fire Subscribers meet the highest standards of US and Canadian regulatory authorities including compliance with UL and NFPA requirements.




Services and product offerings can easily optimize and scale your AES network, and more quickly grow profitable fire and burglary monitoring businesses.



AES NCT and CDT tools speed deployment and support of your AES-IntelliNet network, making it easier than ever to expand operations.