Wireless Mesh Technology

Radio vs. Cellular

Why is mesh radio technology better? It offers network owners and installers significant performance and cost benefits over legacy telephone or cellular-based communication systems.

No Sunsets, Ever.

With AES technology, there’s no need for costly change-outs and truck rolls every time there’s another cellular upgrade (think 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, on and on). 

No Monthly Fees

AES networks provide the most reliable coverage, are not susceptible to the constant threat of jamming that phone lines are vulnerable to, and there are no additional charges for things like aggressive check-in rates. 

An Investment in Your Business

The value of your business is dependent upon two things: your Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR) and your monthly monitoring costs. With every AES installation, you’re lowering that cost and adding equity to your business.

Wireless Mesh Technology

AES has been in the business of protecting people and property for over 40 years with our wireless mesh technology. Today, our products and services can be used for more than the fire and burglary applications we’re known for. Building owners, facility managers, and government agencies can also benefit from using AES technology for monitoring and management.

How Wireless Mesh Technology Works

AES Training Academy

We offer technical product training designed to benefit technicians who want to learn the basics of radio, proper placement of the antenna, and installation and programming of 2.0 Subscribers.