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Fire Products

Fire Products

The 7707 saves a ton of time on our fast paced installs. By not having to install a dedicated outlet or run conduit to install the approved transformer, this is saving us hours on installs—easily a 40% time saver. We went from installing 2 radios a day to 3-4 a day. The unit is easy to program and the door display screen is a major help. This model 7707 is a keeper.

~Shaun Olsen, Field Supervisor/NICET III


AES Fire Subscribers meet the highest standards of US and Canadian regulatory authorities including compliance with UL and NFPA requirements.


AES IntelliNet 2.0 Fire Unit Features and Benefits from AES Corporation.



7177 Hybrid 2.0 Subscriber

The new AES Hybrid provides dual functionality, acts as a network bridge, and extends network coverage. Wi-Fi internet connectivity comes standard.
NFPA Compliant & UL 864 Approved!

7707 IntelliNet 2.0 Fire Subscriber

The launch of IntelliNet 2.0 brings alarm dealers and contract central stations the next generation of AES global alarm communication solutions.
UL 864 10th Edition & ULC S559-04 1st Edition listed!


7706-ULF Integrated Fire Monitoring System

7706-ULF Integrated
Fire Monitoring System

The AES Corporation model 7706-ULF was engineered in close collaboration with Potter Electric Signal Co., designed specifically for small to mid-size fire protection applications. Now UL Listed for
Multiple Communication Technologies!


local annunciator

7788F-ULP-P Fire Subscriber with
AES-IntelliPro and Local Annunciator

Faster, cleaner installation. No longer required to wire alarm trouble and supervisory outputs on radio. UL listed for primary standalone communication with fire radios.



7788F / 7744F Transceivers

The 7788F Subscriber Unit is an AES-IntelliNet RF Communicator, which is used to link an alarm panel to an alarm monitoring central station.



7740 Local Annunciator

Significantly Improve and Maintain Network Performance


7795 AES-IntelliPro Fire Accessory

AES-IntelliPro Fire™ Series full data modules are ideal drop-in full function replacement for phone lines in commercial fire alarm systems.



7794 AES-IntelliPro Fire Accessory

The 7794 AES-IntelliPro Fire accessory is an add-on module for AES subscribers that enables transmission of full alarm zone data.


AES-7770 FireTap

7770 AES-FireTap Accessory

The 7770 AES-FireTap accessory links a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) with a central monitoring station.



7067 AES-IntelliTap Accessory

The AES-IntelliTap 7067 is a full data module for burglary and fire monitoring which utilized dialer capture from the Digital Alarm Communicator Transmitter (DACT).