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Choose How to Implement AES

There are two ways you can become an AES dealer: The first is to start your own AES network and the second is to join a shared AES network in your area. Decide what’s right for your security business – and get started today!

Own Your Own Network

Is network ownership right for you?
Increase the Valuation of Your Business

On average, AES accounts are valued at 75% more than cellular. Increase the valuation of your business by reducing monthly cellular costs. Learn more by downloading  our one-pager, The Valuation of Your Business (and How to Increase It).

Differentiate from the Competition

You can brand and market your private, wireless mesh network as your own. Stand apart from the competition with the guarantee of a secure, reliable network that supports your alarm communications. Download our branding tip sheet!

See and Manage Your Network

As an AES network owner, you no longer have to rely on third party network management to maintain the health of your alarm communications network. Download, See Your Network, an e-book highlighting the Network Management System (NMS) available to all AES network owners.

Join a Shared Network

Is joining a shared network right for you?
Start Offering AES Immediately

Many central stations and full service security companies offer fire and life safety providers the opportunity to install on their AES networks. If there is a central station with a shared network in your area, you can begin providing AES to your customers as soon as today.

No Upfront Costs

As a member of an AES shared network, you will have no upfront costs. With the shared network provider paying for all necessary network infrastructure, you will only be required to pay for the Subscribers you’re installing.

Low Maintenance

On a shared AES network, the network provider monitors the health of the network to ensure your accounts are always operational. This option is great for dealers who want to become AES providers without the added responsibility of monitoring and maintaining network health.

Are you interested in owning your AES network? We make it easy to begin! Reach out to us online today to schedule an obligation free call with one of our dedicated regional sales managers. This call will be used to determine the AES IntelliStart package that best suites your goals, budget, and timeline.

Start Your Network with an IntelliStart

We offer full service fire and life safety providers IntelliStart packages. These packages are designed to help dealers like you execute the implementation of a new AES network with confidence and ease.

How It Works

Before selecting the IntelliStart package that best suits your goals and budget, we will conduct a quick discovery call. The aim of this call is to help you establish a clear-cut plan for the implementation of your AES Network. From there, you will be sent a proposal to review and sign. Once this is complete a dedicated project manager will be assigned to you and your IntelliStart project.

Your project manager will help you with everything from training to on-site installation and set-up. This ensures that you are secure and confident in both our new partnership and your AES network.

What Happens After

Once your network set-up is complete, we will continue to support you when and however we can. Our customers notice far less churn within their AES accounts, as well as the ability to be more flexible in how they price their monthly alarm communications services.

Throughout each phase in your AES network’s growth, we will be on standby to help with marketing collateral, technical support, and so much more. Additionally, our customers have access to a rich knowledge base of resources, as well as technical training and continuous education.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to schedule your obligation free discovery call today!

Find Your Central Station

Search for central stations that accept AES signals by name or state in the search bar below, or access a full list of central stations in the United States that accept AES signals here.

If you find a central station by name, click on it for links to the website and additional contact information.

Skip the installation process and get started right away – no headend equipment or upfront investment needed!

Many central stations and full service security companies offer their customers the opportunity to install on their AES networks. This is a great alternative to network ownership that allows you to quickly and easily become an AES provider. In fact, you can get started today!

Check out the interactive map below:

  1. Click on your state to see a list of contract central stations with AES shared networks, their locations, and the contact within that organization who can help you join.

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