The most reliable communications platform available. With AES technology, you don’t have to worry about the next storm coming through or a signal getting dropped. Rest easy knowing you don’t have to rely on your cell phone carrier or smartphone.

Multiple Path Validation

Mesh networks are “Self-Healing” so you are assured that you will have two or more communication paths linking a location to your Central Monitoring Station.

Differentiate Your Brand

Do something that you can’t do with any other technology: brand YOUR network and market YOUR network as the safest most reliable communication platform available. 

Robust & Resilient Technology

Radio Frequency (RF) signals are transmitted even under extreme conditions such as earthquakes, flooding, hurricanes, and severe weather storms.

AES-IntelliNet Private Wireless Mesh Network

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We’ve compiled UL/NFPA compliance details along with an outline of information on how to validate multiple paths and define terminology in one comprehensive document for your reference.