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7788F-ULP-P Fire Subscriber

The 7788F-ULP-P offers 8 Supervised Zones and includes the 7794 AES IntelliPro full data module, 7762 hardware supervisory module and 7740 local annunciator for primary communication. Comes in a durable red metal enclosure. UL and NFPA Code Compliant.


Also available

  • 4×4 Zone (4 Reversing Polarity, 4 supervised); Model 7744F-ULP-P



Suitable for primary communcation by transmitting full alarm zone and event codes without having to wire the alarm trouble and supervisory outputs, reducing install time.

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Dimensions 13.25" H x 8.5" W x 4.3" D

Weight 5.8 lbs., excludes battery

Radio Frequency Standard Frequency Range: 450-470MHz (Others available in 400-512MHZ range)

Antenna 2.5 db tamper resistant antenna mounts on enclosure

Power Output 2 Watts and 5 Watts

Power Input 16.5VAC, 40VA transformer (not included) (AES 1640, ELK TRG1640, MG Electronics MGT1640 – UL Listed for use)

Recharge Capability Will charge 12V battery up to 7.5 - 12 AH

Backup Battery Requires 12VDC 7.5 AH battery for UL 864. F1 Connector

Alarm Singnal Inputs 8 individually programmable zones

Antenna Cut/Communication Trouble Output Form C relay; fail secure; rated for 24 VDC 1A resistive

Antenna 2.5 dB tamper resistant enclosure mount antenna

Antenna Supervision N/A

Reset Button Located on main circuit board

Operating Temperature 32° to 122°F

Storage Temperature 14° to 140°F

Relative Humidity 0 to 85% RHC, Non-Condensing

Ports Serial communication port

Annunciator Included local Annunciator 7740

Compatible Receivers 7705i and 7705ii AES-MultiNet Receiver

Current Consumption Standby w/ charged backup battery: 267 mA (1.3 A Transmitting) Standby + charging backup battery: 900 mA (1.3 A Transmitting - MAX)

Smoke Detector Compatibility N/A

NAC Output N/A

NAC Patterns N/A

Enclosure Material Steel

Enclosure Color Red

Visual Indicators LED indicators inside enclosure (ALM, Trouble, Tx, Rx, WA)

Programming Interface HandHeld programmer

  • Meets NFPA 72 specifications and UL 864 standards
  • 8 zones inputs
  • 7794 AES IntelliPro full data module
  • 7762 Hardware Supervisory Module
  • 7740 Remote Annunciator
  • On board status LEDs
  • Programming via AES handheld programmer
  • 2.5 dB rubber duck antenna
  • Rugged metal housing ideal for any commercial fire alarm application