6500-24 24 Zone Digital

AES Annunciator Panels provide rugged, supervised monitoring for security and control applications. Both audible and visual display alert the operator of a change in status, be it a security breach or a process out of specification. One glance shows the status of every zone – no scrolling through multiple screens to find the source of the alarm. Built-in 110/220 power supply and battery backup are standard on all annunciator products.

Size: 19″W x 5.25″H x 10″D ( 48.25 x 13.3 x 25.4 cm) (plus connectors); rack mount case

Power: 115 / 230 V, 50/60 Hz; internal voltage selector switch; onboard switching regulated supply

Backup Battery: 12V, 4.5AH, lead-acid gel type

NOTE: At your request, we will NOT INCLUDE this battery, which cannot ship via pouch. Contact AES for details

Zone Inputs: 24 individual zones

Line Security: Advanced Mode: 4 levels; Normal, Alarm, Trouble Short, Trouble Open
Classic Mode: 3 levels; Normal, Alarm Short, Alarm Open

Switches: Access/Secure: 24, one for each zone; Push button membrane switch; Push-Toggle
Access mode (yellow light ON) zone activity is not annunciated or recorded.
Secure mode (yellow light OFF) annunciates and records all events – alarm, restore, silence, reset
Test Switch: Tests all zones by simulating an imbalance on all input lines
Silence Switch: Shuts off audible signal; red alarm light stay (memory mode)
Reset Switch: Resets all zones; Clears red light (memory mode)

Indicators: Red Lights, 1 per zone: ON indicates an alarm condition; OFF indicates normalcondition
Blinking light indicates un-silenced alarm
Steady light indicates memory mode following silenced alarm, Reset clear steady light
Double Blinking light indicates a line trouble; trouble is reported in both Access andSecure Modes
Yellow Lights, 1 per zone: ON indicates a zone in Access Mode; OFF indicates zonein Secure Mode
Green Lights, AC and BATT:
ON indicates OK
BLINK indicates AC or Battery failure
OFF indicates unit is off

Zone Inputs, 24: Base unit has 50 pin connector; compatible with 6300-24-DSR annunciators
Easy upgrade to existing 6300 series annunciator installations:
simply add a 3.01K resistor across the N.C. contact
Output board has cage clamp connectors; may be DIN mounted remote from the panel; order #6511 remote kit which includes 19″ DIN rail for rack use, and a 5-foot cable with 50-pin connectors to link remote terminal board to panel.

Resistors: 2 per zone; 3.01 K ohm, 1%

3.01K = Normal; 6.02K = Alarm; Short = Trouble; Open = Trouble

Processor: 386 embedded micro; real time clock, DOS operating system

Ports: Terminal I/O Port (RS-485 option, future use)
RS-232 Serial / Printer Port
Network Interface (future use)

Fuses: AC Input 3 Amp
Battery 3 Amp

Printer Output: Logs all events by zone and button push, with time, date.
Alarms, Restorals reported for any zone in Secure Mode
Line Trouble reported for any zone in Secure or Access Mode
AC Fail, Battery Fail
Pushing of Silence and Reset Buttons
Option #6525-80, Dot Matrix Printer, 80 column, serial input