7170-EM (UL) IP Links

The 7170-EM IP Links are sold as a pair and communicate the mesh radio network traffic to the Central Station MultiNet receivers via the Internet. IP Links allow you to easily build a new network as well as expand an existing network.

The 7170-EM comes with the following:

  • 6′ Cable (1)
  • Transformers (2)
  • Transformer Enclosures (2)
  • IP Links (2)
  • Batteries 12V 10AH (2)
  • Installation Kit (1) – Kit includes N Type Crimp Connector (16), 75 Ft. RG8 Coaxial Cable (2), 7210-6 Antenna (2), Crimp Tool (1), Surge Suppressor (2)


Also available

  • Single IP Link. Model # 7170-EMS (UL)

UL Certifications:
Central Station Alarm Units
Police-station-connected Alarm Unit

Dimensions 13" W x 15" H x 7" D

Weight 22 lbs.

Power Input AC SOURCES Transformer: Class 2 16.5V AC nominal output 1.9 A max current (40 VA MIN) ELK ELK-TRG1640, MG ELECTRONIC SALES MGT1640, or AES 1640 (Transformer and enclosure are included) DC SOURCES (includes FACP)

Interface Connections RJ45 Connection for Ethernet
DB9 Serial Console Port for programming

Battery Backup Min: 12V 10AH Battery
Max: 12V 12AH Battery
F2 Connector

Operating Temperature 32° to 122° F

Encryption N/A

Operating System N/A

Operating Voltage 16.5 VAC

Enclosure Lockable Water Resistant Ruggidized Steel

Operating Current 370mA standby, 900mA transmit

Power Consumption N/A

  • Lockable steel knob
  • Heavy gauge steel enclosure
  • Capability to transmit RF traffic to 8 IP addresses for disaster recovery purposes
  • UL Listed, NFPA-72 Compliant
  • Antenna supervisory module to monitor antenna cuts