727-24DC/10A (Door Controls)

The AES 727 is a 24VDC high current power source for door controls, alarms, emergency, and control systems. At its core is a brawny switching-regulated power supply with auto-ranging input. This provides added protection when power fluctuations of voltage and frequency are the norm rather than the exception. The locking steel case accommodates a hefty 12AH 24VDC battery pack for long-lasting performance. The 8 DPDT relays are protected by built-in circuit breakers, with indicators that indicate relay position and overload.

Input Power: 110/220V, 50-60 Hz, auto-ranging

Output Power: 26.5 VDC, 10 Amps Continuous, 180 Amps Intermittent

Relays: Eight (8) – DPDT, contacts rated at 10 amps (res)Controls up to eight (8) electric locks, one relay per lock
Relays are part of the two (2) 727-RB relay cards, 4 relays per card, housed internally
Applications: AES 900 Door Control System, other Control Systems

Protection: Fused Output
Circuit Breaker on front of case for AC input side of supply
Circuit Breakers (PTC) on Relay Outputs

Meters: Two (2), Output Voltage, Output Current

Indicator: Light for AC Input
LED Indicators on 727-RB Relay Card for Power,
Relay Energize, Circuit Breaker Open

Terminals: Power Input, Output: Barrier Blocks
Relay Connections: Spring Clamp, strip-n-stick

Battery: 24V, 12 AH, lead acid gel type, 180 Amp rating (order battery pack separately, p/n 727-HDB)

Size: 14 x 14.25 x 6 inches (36 x 37 x 15 cm)

Weight: 40 pounds; 18 Kilograms

  • Ideal for AES 900 Door Control and other Systems
  • “Double-Stuff” Design Conserves Space
  • 8 Relays Built – In
  • Heavy Duty Switching Regulated Power Source
  • New Face includes Meters, Indicators and Easy Access to Power Protection