910 Emergency Lockup Module

The 910 Emergency lockup module is used in the 900 door control rack and provides a complete system lockdown at the flip of a switch. In an emergency, the operator can lock all doors and then open the doors one at a time, or all at once as needed. This module must be located in the first (left-most) position in the rack.

  • Lock Down Module Operation:
  • Switch in Down Position – Normal Operation; in the event of a fire, the external fire control system will unlock all doors
    Switch in Up Position – Emergency Lock Down; all doors are locked regardless of any other inputs; overrides fire control
  • To Open Doors During Emergency Lockup (910 switch in UP position):
  • To Open Individual Door(s): On each 940 and/or 945 module, lift guard and move toggle switch into UP position
    To Cancel Emergency Lockup: Restore switch on 910 to DOWN (normal) position
    Fire Doors with 946 Status Display Panel (at door): use key switch at door to release lock”