941-PKG Door Control

The AES 941 Door Control Package is a single, flexible solution that integrates “ADA” automatic door openers into the existing AES 900 Door Control System. The package consists of one 941-M Control Module and one 941-R Door Controller Interface. The parts work in tandem to provide an easy-to-integrate and fast-to-install system.

  • Single solution for ADA door.
  • Saves space at guard post, using a single slot on AES 900 Rack.
  • Day / Night mode selection enables / disables door opener.
  • Built-in safety keeps pump off when magnetic or strike locks are activated.
  • Flexibility to allow installer / field technicians to adapt to site and security requirements.
  • Interfaces with existing door control architecture.
  • Saves time and wiring, with a connection point at the door for easy access.
  • Relay module provides pump wiring, plus ingress and egress switch connection.
  • Relay interface includes 8x8x4 ” electrical box for quick mounting.
  • Dual Relay interface includes 10x8x4″ electrical box
  • Multiple options for ingress, egress


  • The 941-M Door Control Module is very similar to the widely used 940 Door Control Module. It fits the same footprint, allowing for backward and forward compatibility. The 941 provides identical switches, indicators and user operation so that re-training is minimized. The added functions are co-located on the control module and are simple to operate. The classic functions include control of the strike lock, magnetic lock, and emergency override. Additionally, depending on options selected, a guard can also operate the ADA automatic door pump remotely. The guard also can control day / night mode operation of the automatic door closer. Rack Location: Any Location EXCEPT the first (far left) position
  • The 941-R Relay Module interfaces with the door opener. The 941-R is located at or near the door for easy wiring. It also provides inputs for ADA door opener switches, and depending on the terminals used, can full or limited control for egress and ingress by visitors. The 941-R includes an 8×8″ NEMA-1 style steel case with hinged cover and latch. This provides a clear dividing line between security and facility functions.
  • The 941-R2 Dual Relay Interface includes two (2) relay cards in a single box to control dual doors. Each relay card is controlled by a separate 941-M control module.
Quantity Part # Description
1 941-M ADA Door control module. Controls 2 locks on 1 door
1 941-R ADA Door control relay module with enclosure