941-R ADA Door Control Relay Module with Enclosure

The 941-R Relay Interface is installed at or near the door for easy wiring. It also provides inputs for ADA door opener switches and provides full or limited control for egress / ingress. The 941-R includes it’s own case to stay isolated from the door opener, providing a clear dividing line between security and facility functions.

Size Case Size, Type 8 x 8 x 4”D (approx), NEMA 1, with knockouts
Relay Card Size: Relay Card, 4.75”W x 3”D x 3”H (approx)

Power 24VDC Control Voltage

Inputs/Outputs • Door Opener Pump Cut Out, Molex connector
• Terminal Strip, 1 to 8
• Trigger to Door Opener, terminals 7+8
• ADA Door Ingress/Egress Wall Buttons, 3 Options provided:
- Option A, Switch activates latch and door opener;
- timer opens latch first, then triggers pump
- Option B, Switch activates pump only
- Option C, Switch activates pump only if latch is released by 941M. Hold Timer

Option, Jumper Enables latch hold for 2-3 seconds

Terminals • Barrier Blocks
• Molex Connector for 110/220VAC opener cut out

  • Relay module provides pump wiring, plus ingress and egress switch connection to save wiring time
  • Relay interfaces include electrical box for quick mounting
  • Multiple options for ingress, egress
  • Multiple control locations may be installed”