944-PKG Fire Door Control Kit

The 944 is a subsystem of the 900 Door Control System. It includes two parts, the 945 Fire Exit Door Control, and the 946 Fire Door Display. The 944 system prevents unauthorized use of fire exits by delaying the opening of the fire door, allowing time for a guard to determine if an emergency exits

Quantity Part # Description
1 945 Fire door control module When the “crash bar” at the fire exit is pushed, a delay timer begins to count down. During the delay period, the guard can check the door in question via CCTV or intercom to confirm that an emergency exists. Using the 945 Door Control at the control post, the guard can either release the door or keep it locked. The delay period is adjustable from 5 to 20 seconds to suit applications and local regulations. If the operator does not act, the door is unlocked automatically at the end of the delay period.
1 946 Fire Exit Door Display The 946 Display is mounted adjacent to the fire exit door, and works in combination with a 945 Fire Door Control at the control post. An audible and visual display annunciates lock status at the fire exit. When someone attempts to leave through the fire exit, the display beeps and flashes, instructing the person to wait. The display indicates when the door is unlocked, instructing the person to open the door. A keyswitch on the 946 releases the door, overriding all locks and controls.