946 Fire Exit Door Display

The 946 Display is mounted adjacent to the fire exit door, and works in combination with a 945 Fire Door Control at the control post. An audible and visual display annunciates lock status at the fire exit. When someone attempts to leave through the fire exit, the display beeps and flashes, instructing the person to wait. The display indicates when the door is unlocked, instructing the person to open the door. A keyswitch on the 946 releases the door, overriding all locks and controls.


  • Green lamp indicates door is locked.

Amber lamp:

  • Flashes to acknowledge that “crash bar” has been pushed, and indicates person
    must Wait for lock to release
  • Steady indicates lock is released, and door may be opened.
  • Red lamp indicates door is open.
  • Buzzer sounds when “crush bar” is pushed, and silences when door is opened.


  • Keyswitch for unconditional release of lock.