741 High Current Power Supply

AES life safety and security power supplies are used in commercial, federal, and military applications across the globe. Proven in even the most challenging environments where other systems have failed, AES units are built to withstand extreme power fluctuations. The AES model 741 and 742 power supplies are designed to provide high current power for demanding life safety and security systems worldwide, with regulated and filtered 24 Volts Direct Current (VDC) and 10 Amps for system power and an internal battery charger included for battery backup support. The AES 741 and 742 use a heavy-duty switching power supply that is the ideal power solution in locations prone to a wide range of primary power fluctuations.

The AES 741 model is housed in a wall mount steel case enclosure with lock that can accommodate up to a 12 AH 24VDC battery pack. The AES 742 model is a retrofit kit designed to mount in existing PWR901 and PWR902 enclosures for easy field upgrades and replacements.

  • High current 24 VDC power for life safety and security applications
  • 220VAC or 110VAC input, easily jumper selectable
  • Ideal for locations prone to power fluctuation
  • Battery charging circuit
  • AC status output, Form C relay
  • Auto resetting breaker for overcurrent and reverse polarity protection