940 Door Control Module

“The 940 Door Control Module is used in the 900 8 door control rack and controls 2 locks on one (1) door. The two locks controlled are the emergency lock and access lock. Both locks must be released for the door to open. Indicators on the module display the status of the emergency lock, and the door position (open/closed) as sensed by a magnetic contact at the door.

This module can be located in any position in the rack except in the first (left-most) position. “

Guarded Toggle Switch Operation:

  • Down Position – Releases emergency lock
  • Middle Position – Locks emergency lock
  • Up Position – Overrides Emergency Lock Down (see 910)

Push Button (Lighted) Switch Operation:

  • Push – Releases access strike lock

Status Indicators:

  • Red Lamp – Indicates emergency lock is engaged
  • Yellow Lamp – Indicates that door is open

To Open Doors During Emergency Lock Up:

  • Lift switch guard and push toggle switch into UP position