941-M ADA Door Control Module

The 941-M ADA Door control module has all the same functions as the 940 but allows a guard to operate the ADA automatic door pump remotely and control day/night mode operation.

This module can be located in any position in the rack except in the first (left-most) position.

Dimensions 5.125” H x 1.75” W x 3.5” D (approx)

Mounting Fits into standard slot of AES 900 Door Control Rack Operative Voltage: 24VDC, use AES 726, 727 or 780 Supply Switches:
• Access Push Button Switch, releases strike, momentary
• Magnetic Lock Toggle Switch, 3 position
- Up = Override Emergency Lock Down
- Center = Locks Magnetic Lock, overrides ADA pump
- Down = Releases Magnetic Lock
• ADA Access Push Button Switch: momentary
- releases strike and triggers door opener
- timer opens latch first, and holds latch while door opens
• ADA Day/Night Mode Switch: push-on, push-off
- activates ADA Access Push Button

Indicators • Access Indicators (on Access Push Button)
- Red Lamp: Emergency Lock Status, On = Lock Engaged
- Yellow Lamp: Door Status, On = Door Open
• Day/Night Mode Indicators (On Opener Control Switch)
- Red LED: On = Day Mode

Terminals Molex Connector, plugs into mating 900 rack connector

  • Saves space at guard post – uses a single slot in the AES 900 Rack
  • Day / Night mode selection enables / disables door opener
  • Built-in safety disables the door opener when the door is locked