905 3-Door Desktop Cabinet

The AES 905 Desktop Cabinet is used in embassies and anywhere access is controlled. The 905 is perfect for when only a small number of doors need to be controlled and easily sits on top of a cabinet or desktop. All door control modules easily slide into the 905’s slots and connect to the buss via simple block connectors.

Door modules shown in image are NOT included. 905 is shipped empty. All door control modules are sold separately.

Size: 9.75” W x 5.50” H 15” D (25 x 14 x 38 cm)

Connectors: Barrier Block

Capacity: 1-Emergency LockUp Module
3 – Door Control / Monitor Modules

Compatible Door Controls
Part # Description
910 Emergency Lockup Module Provides a complete system lockdown at the flip of a switch. It is used in the AES 900 Door Control System, using the 900 or 905 Door Control Rack.
940 Door Control Module Used in the AES 900 or AES 905 Door Control Rack System. Each 940 module controls one (1) door. Each door includes two (2) locks: an emergency lock; and an access lock. Both locks must be released for the door to open. Indicators on the module display the status of the emergency lock, and the door position (open/closed) as sensed by a magnetic contact at the door.
941-M ADA Door Control Module Controls 2 locks on 1 door A single, flexible solution that integrates “ADA” automatic door openers into the existing AES 900 Door Control System. The package consists of one 941-M Control Module and one 941-R Door Controller Interface. The parts work in tandem to provide an easy-to-integrate and fast-to-install system.
930 Standard Blank Plate Fits the standard width control module slots positions two through nine. Plate size is 1.75″W x 5.125″H. Mounting hardware is included. Order Part Number AES 930.
935 Wide Blank Plate Fits the wide emergency module slot in position one (far left). Plate size is 2.375 “W x 5.125″H. Mounting hardware is included. Order Part Number AES 935.
945 Fire Door Control Module When the “crash bar” at the fire exit is pushed, a delay timer begins to count down. During the delay period, the guard can check the door in question via CCTV or intercom to confirm that an emergency exists. Using the 945 Door Control at the control post, the guard can either release the door or keep it locked. The delay period is adjustable from 5 to 20 seconds to suit applications and local regulations. If the operator does not act, the door is unlocked automatically at the end of the delay period.