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    AES Corporation is the leading manufacturer of long-range wireless private mesh radio alarm communication products and services.

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    NMS 3.0 Release

    Over 30 new features and enhancements!

    • Concurrent real-time data connection with both Primary & Secondary AES-MultiNet Receivers
    • Icons added to Dashboards for easy identification, printing, & sharing
    • Quick view of all IP Links & Subscribers that require service in the field
    • Detailed reports of Top Repeating Subscribers data for Last 10 Days & Last 24 Hours

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AES-IntelliNet® patented technology is the fastest and most reliable alarm communications available in the alarm and security industry, protecting people and property for over 40 years.
Burglary Security

The AES-IntelliNet® line of burglary transceivers give customers safety, security, speed, and reliability.

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AES Fire protection

AES Fire subscribers provide the fastest signal transmission speed available, ideal for commercial fire alarm systems.

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AES-IntelliNet® solutions offer network stability, infinite scalability, higher reliability and speed, and control of critical event communications.

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Integrated Fire Monitoring System

A great all in one solution!

This exciting new Fire product was engineered in close collaboration between AES Corporation and Potter Signal Electric Co., LLC.

  • Designed specifically for small to mid-size fire protection applications and sprinkler monitoring applications
  • Single-box integrated solution featuring AES-IntelliNet® technology and Potter FACP
  • Stable, reliable, and easy to install turnkey solution
  • AES Technical Support is available 24/7 as single point of contact

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