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Guardian Alarm

No Network Fees

“Relying on third-party networks is risky. With AES, we are in complete control of our communications network. Customers aren’t subject to the lost calls, hacking issues or outages that cellular subscribers have to deal with.”

— Tom Furlong, Operations Manager, Guardian

AES Is More Than a Manufacturer of Product — Its Team Is Your Partner

Guardian does everything possible to ensure customers’ lives and properties are protected, from investing in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to rigorously training its technicians and installers. The company faced challenges in the past that stemmed from issues beyond its control, such as third-party service provider downtime and sunsetting technologies. Service also gets disrupted when Guardian has to upgrade cellular radios in the field to accommodate technology changes. “It seems we’re continually going from one conversion process to the next,” added Furlong.

When Guardian learned its cell provider’s analog network would soon be shutting down, the company embarked on a conversion project. Instead of replacing all installed analog transmitters with digital cellular radios, Guardian invested in a solution from AES Corporation that provides the industry’s only owner operated and controlled private network for alarm communications, replacing installed GSM radios with AES subscribers.

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control of communications network

Sunsetting periods are an ideal time to switch to AES technology,” Furlong noted. “Instead of being tied to a third-party vendor’s infrastructure, AES frees you to be a master of your own destiny. We chose AES for its technology, but we’ve been just as happy with its team. AES doesn’t just sell products. They fully support their dealers. It’s been a very positive partnership.”

Guardian Alarm

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