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“AES technology allows us to quickly get a customer online without having to wait for phone lines or internet service to the site. It also provides our customers a reliable form of communication without the additional high monthly cost of traditional solutions such as GSM, IP, etc.”

— Russell Jones, Vice President, CAC

No AES Networks Went Down During Hurricane

Central Alarm Control, Inc. is a well-established central station located in the heart of South Miami and monitors alarms as far away as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, providing 24/7 service for security and fire dealers throughout Florida and its customers.

Hurricane Irma was just one of the four major events that make up the timeline of the unusually active 2017 Atlantic hurricane season, following the destructive Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana which suffered catastrophic flooding. Irma was an extremely powerful Category 5 hurricane that affected multiple areas across Cuba, Florida, Puerto Rico, Cape Verde, Bahamas, and the Caribbean Islands. Hurricane Jose affected Bermuda and the US East Coast, then Hurricane Maria left a path of devastation across Puerto Rico. The Florida Keys took a direct hit from Hurricane Irma, suffering the worst damage in the US. 

Miami, where CAC is located, experienced Category 1 hurricane force winds. As the storm approached landfall, the whole Southeast U.S. region was impacted with high winds, heavy rains, storm surges, and threats of tornadoes. There were power outages in 90% of South Florida and internet/phone service was spotty at best. This caused massive issues with panels communicating through traditional methods such as phone lines, GSM, and IP.


of South Florida experienced power surges

AES networks went down during the hurricane

Russell Jones, VP at CAC commented, “Thanks to AES’ self-healing network, none of our networks went down and we only had minor issues after the storm with batteries needing to be replaced.”

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Russell Jones is Vice President of Central Alarm Control, Inc. (CAC) in the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area specializing in wholesale alarm monitoring. His background includes over a dozen years extensive experience in fire and burglar alarm systems, fire protection, life safety, alarm monitoring, access control, and CCTV. Mr. Jones is a graduate of Florida State University and is a volunteer for the South Florida Council of the Boy Scouts of America. | (305) 238-0800

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