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Using the Solar Powered Subscriber

"This product [3100s-PKG] is a wonderful idea and has been running without any problems. I think that this is a great addition to the line of AES products and is no doubt something that everyone will be talking about."

- Johnathan Carr, Monitoring Manager, Performance Systems Integration

Installing AES Without Electrical Power

Project Overview

Performance Systems Integration wanted to install a Subscriber to act as a repeater at a certain location in their Seattle, WA network; however, the location identified has no power at the top of their building. Fortunately, Johnathan Carr, Monitoring Manager at PSI, was able to use the 3100S-PKG Solar Powered Subscriber to complete the installation.

About the Installation

Because this installation is for a new network that is still in the process of being built up, Johnathan chose to upgrade his antenna from the phantom antenna to a 6dB omnidirectional antenna for a rooftop installation. This was done to give the Subscriber, which is acting as a repeater, more range.

Solar panel and 6dB antenna installed on rooftop. Panel is set at a winter incline of 18° because of yearly weather conditions.

Although the solar panel was mounted outside, Johnathan chose to place Subscriber inside the building for ease of serviceability. Installing the Subscriber indoors ensures that weather conditions will not be an issue for technicians when it needs to be serviced.

A bonus benefit of installing the 3100S-PKG Subscriber is that the board and controller are mounted on a metal plate inside the box that can easily be removed while mounting to the wall.

"One cool thing with this design is that the guts come right out, and I was able to set them aside while mounting the enclosure. This was extremely convenient, and I like that I was able to work on the whole thing with my screwdriver perpendicular to the wall. The enclosure was also nice because there were no lips or inward facing edges also making the installation easier."

Subscriber mounted indoors. Next to the Subscriber is a steel box to house service loops and lightning suppressor. The relay board was removed from Subscriber because it is intended to act only as a repeater.

The Results

Using the 3100S-PKG Solar Powered Subscriber enabled Johnathan Carr to install a Subscriber (acting as a repeater) in an area that would have been unusable due to a lack of available power. This location was prime for a repeater to build up a new AES network and is working exactly as planned. Additionally, the physical mounting of the Subscriber was made easier due to the ability to easily remove and reinstall the components in the box.

Solar panel and 6dB antenna installed on a rooftop in Seattle, WA.

Performance Systems Integration provides fire and life safety services throughout Northwestern United States. Visit to learn more.

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