7210-6 6dB Omnidirectional Antenna

6dB Omnidirectional UHF Antenna (Includes Mounting Kit) Made of fiberglass



This antenna has a beam width of 14 degrees and is for indoor/outdoor use. Wind rating of up to 134 mph

Frequency Range 406-416MHz (Model # 7210-6-406-416)
450-460MHz (Model # 7210-6-450-460)
460-470MHz (Model # 7210-6-460-470)

Also Available in VHF Model #7210-6-136-174

Gain (Max.) 6dB

Impedance 50 OHMS

Max Power Rating 150 Watt

Wind Rating 134 mph

Height 51 in,

Weight 1.76 lbs

Connector N Type

Pattern Omnidirectional

Polariztion Vertical

VSWR <1.5

Radial Length 7.48 in (Approx.)

Material Fiberglass

Application Indoor/Outdoor

Beam Width 14 degrees

Class Monopole

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