2.0 Subscriber Software Update


Step 1

Download the appropriate Subscriber Update files ending in .tar.gz onto your desktop or laptop. The files are located at the bottom of this page for download.

Step 2

Prepare the USB thumb drive for file transfer.

  1. USB thumb drive needs to be a minimum of 1GB in size.
  2. USB thumb drive needs to be formatted to FAT32.

Step 3

Extract the individual files from the download.

  1. We recommend you download the file archiver software, 7Zip, to extract .tar.gz files

Step 4

Transfer the individual files to your formatted USB thumb drive, which was prepared in "Step 2" above. DO NOT transfer the file with the .tar.gz extension to the USB thumb drive!

Step 5

Capture your existing Subscriber settings.

  1. This update will reset your Subscriber to its original factory settings. Please make note of your Subscriber ID and Cipher Code. AES has provided a template, which you can download here
  2. It is important you know your Subscriber ID and Cipher Code before continuing with the upgrade.

Step 6

Update your 2.0 Subscriber to the latest software version.

Product Select

You cannot put more than one product software update on a USB. Each update needs its own USB.

7707 Fire


7177 Hybrid


7007 Burg