FCC Applications & Information

Whether you need a new FCC application or to renew/ modify an existing one, you will find the forms that you are looking for here. To expedite the process, please be sure to read the cover page and follow procedure instructions. 

Please follow the links below for forms and instructions for FCC licensing.

For a New Frequency

Application for obtaining a brand new frequency.

Document the Location of Your IP Links

File a Schedule K to document the location of your IP Links for licensed coverage.

IMPORTANT!!! The FCC must be notified by a filing of Schedule K within 12 months of the receipt of your license. Failure to do so will result in your license being terminated.

  • Follow the ‘File a Schedule K’ button below, you will be prompted to enter the FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password, then click ‘Submit’.
  • Once logged in, click ‘Notify The FCC’, located in the box on right hand side of your screen.
  • Next, click ‘S’… continue.
  • Input the date your license was granted in the box labeled, ‘Actual Construction Date’. This should always be the date your license was granted. Click ‘Continue’.
  • Answer ‘No’ to both questions, then continue.
  • Signoff and print out completed form for your records.

Expand Your Existing Frequency

Application to expand your existing frequency to new area(s).

Filing out a modification form is easier than the new frequency form. Simply note the location of your new IP Links or Hybrids and start expanding your network in a new 50 mile radius (80 KM)

Renew Existing Frequency

Your frequency is valid for 10 years after approval. Within 90 days of expiration the license must be renewed. Follow the link below to renew your license.

When does my license expire? Check Here!

Follow the link below to search for a license or application.

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