Virtual Training Schedule

The AES Training Academy provides virtual training on the second Tuesday and Thursday of each month. Each Tuesday training is a 3-hour class called Intro to AES; perfect for new employees or anyone wanting to brush up on AES knowledge. Each Thursday class is approximately one hour of training dedicated to a focused topic. Learn more about our Focused Topics and view/ register for classes using the Virtual Training Schedule below!

About AES Virtual Training

  1. AES Virtual Technical Training is free for all AES providers.
  2. Intro to AES second Tuesday of every month (excluding August & December).
  3. Focused Topics second Thursday of every month (excluding August & December).
  4. Certificates for virtual training will no longer be provided. If you would like a certificate, please see our options for in-person training.
  5. AES uses Zoom Webinar to conduct our virtual trainings. Please toggle the months under the Virtual Training Schedule to access class registration information.

Intro to AES Virtual Training

Second Tuesday of Every Month

In this 3-hour class, you will learn basic principles of AES technology including:

  1. How to choose the proper size antenna and where to install it
  2. Installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting an AES Mesh Radio network
  3. Programming the newest 2.0 IntelliNet® 7707 Fire and 7007 Burglary Subscribers

The Intro to AES Virtual Training is offered on the second Tuesday of every month (excluding August & December). To register, follow the link below, select the date you would like to attend, and complete the registration form.

Focused Topics Virtual Training

Second Thursday of Every Month


Antenna Theory

  1. The fastest way to locate a NetCon 5
  2. How to mount and ground an antenna properly
  3. How to use Network Management System and Google Earth to calculate the best DB antenna for any installation
  4. Best practices for planning network growth

Programming Legacy Subscribers

  1. How to use the handheld programmer (7140E) to install and maintain the 7058E and 7788F Legacy Subscriber series
  2. How to check NetCon on Legacy Subscribers
  3. How to identify routes your Legacy Subscriber is on
  4. Zone programming and other related information

Using the Bird®Wattmeter for Troubleshooting

  1. How to use the Bird®Wattmeter to troubleshoot antenna issues
  2. How to use the Bird®Wattmeter with the IP Link to test antennas on headend equipment (manufacturer recommends this should be done on an annual basis)

Configuring the IP Link Using a Cellular Modem

  1. How to set up an IP Link (7170) with a Cradlepoint modem

Understanding Route Calculation

  1. Understanding how an AES Subscriber calculates a route
  2. Understanding different channels an AES radio can speak and listen on
  3. How to troubleshoot issues with radio signal

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