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7350 Integrated Transceiver Kit

PCB and radio integrated into a single component case for installation into alarm panel and other non-fire monitoring applications. The 7350 Integrated Transceiver is primarily an IntelliNet network PCB and radio integrated into a single component case. It is designed to be housed as an add-in communications component to a customer's alarm panel.

Dimensions 2.25"W x 1.25"D x 4.75"L

Weight 8.9 oz

Radio Frequency UHF – 450-480 MHz VHF – 150-174 MHz

Antenna Included 2.5 db tamper resistant antenna mounts on enclosure Multiple remote antenna options available

Power Output 2 Watt Factory set

Power Input 12 VDC Nominal, 150mA Standby, 1A Transmit (2W)

Backup Battery N/A

Zone Inputs 4 individually programmable
Zones: NO/NC/EOL, trouble restore
Telephone line cut monitor

Reset Button There is a reset button on the bottom of the transceiver.

System Trouble Output Relay N/A

Operating Temperature 32° – 122°F

Storage Temperature 14°–140°F

Relative Humidity 0 to 85% RHC, Non Condensing

Ports N/A

Annunciator N/A

Compatible Receivers This product communicates with both our current Multinet receivers 7705i and 7705ii

Programming Interface This product is programmed with the 7041E

Enclosure Material N/A

Enclosure color N/A

Visual Indicators This unit has built-in LEDs There are 4 LED’s on the cover of the 7350.

The function of each is described below.
ALM – (Red) Status / troubleshooting indicator,
See “…Blink Patterns” below
WA – (Yellow) Steady On = Waiting for
acknowledgment of last transmission;
– Steady Blinking = Not on Network; Off = Normal
RX – (Green) Indicates radio receive (includes any
radio activity on this frequency strong enough to
break squelch)
TX – (Yellow) indicates radio transmit

  • 4 zone inputs
  • 4 LED lights

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