Available in different lengths

Recommended Use: RG-8 offers optimal performance leading to less signal loss. Ideal for installations that are greater than 25 Ft. Thicker and more rigid then RG-58. (25, 50 Ft custom. Require extended lead time).

Please note: If using RG-8 cable to a maximum length of 75’ it requires the 13-0346 adapter cable to convert to BNC at the transceiver.

13-0345-3 (3 FT): $47.00 SOLD OUT
13-0345-6 (6 FT): $48.50 SOLD OUT
13-0345-10 (10 FT): $65.95 Now $33.00
13-0345-25 (25 FT): $125.40 SOLD OUT
13-0345-50 (50 FT): $204.75 SOLD OUT

Length 13-0345-3 (3 FT)
13-0345-6 (6 FT)
13-0345-10 (10 FT)
13-0345-25 (25 FT)
13-0345-50 (50 FT)

Cable Type RG-8

Max. Distance (Total cable length from transceiver to antenna) < 75 Ft for RG-8 cable

Connector Type N male both ends

Application Indoor/Outdoor

Dimensions N/A

Weight N/A

Smart Charger Device for NCT N/A

Operating Temperature N/A

Relative Huimdity Range N/A

Current N/A

Power Output N/A

I/O Connections N/A


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