7094A 2.0 IntelliPro Accessory Board for 2.0 Burg Subscribers

The 7094A AES-IntelliPro is an add-on module for AES 2.0 Burglary Subscribers that enables transmission of full alarm zone data from an alarm panel to a central station. Not for use with Legacy Burglary Units.

Price: $59.00

Length N/A

Cable Type N/A

Max. Distance (Total cable length from transceiver to antenna) N/A

Connector Type N/A

Application N/A

Dimensions 2.8 in H x 5.0 in W

Weight N/A

Smart Charger Device for NCT N/A

Operating Temperature N/A

Relative Huimdity Range N/A

Current 50mA normal

Power Output 12 VDC nominal, primary and backup power provided by the AES RF Transceiver Unit

I/O Connections Easy programming using smartphone, tablet, or PC
Phone output from alarm panel
Trouble output (open collector) For use with the 2.0 Burg unit 7007P-M and included with the 2.0 Burg 7007P-P-M For 2.0 units only

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