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AES-IntelliNet® patented long-range wireless private mesh radio technology is designed specifically for alarm communications, protecting people and property since 1974. AES solutions are developed for fire, burglary, central station receiver, government, and overseas building security system applications.



AES wireless mesh communications networks and applications

AES wireless mesh communications networks and applications represent the future of alarm industry solutions. Unlike traditional wireless networks—which suffer many of the same coverage and transmission limitations as wired networks—AES’ patented private mesh networks consistently deliver reliable, fast signal communications, even across large geographical areas and under extreme conditions.

AES-IntelliNet products have been tested for reliability

AES-IntelliNet products have been rigorously tested to the highest standards for reliability, earning NFPA compliance and UL listings for commercial and high-security military applications. Multiple paths provide redundancy to make sure all critical event data gets through to the central station with the quickest response possible. Its self-healing capability allows installed units to intuitively know when and where paths can be realigned to transmit data, while self-routing communications help the smart transceivers find the fastest available routes. In fact, AES signals typically take just 1-3 seconds to communicate between nodes compared to other industry products that take up to 2 minutes.

AES wireless mesh networks are privately owned

Because the AES wireless mesh network is privately owned and operated, there is no reliance on public service providers and there are no recurring monthly telecommunication fees. There is no cabling, trenching, wiring, or towers needed which reduces operating costs. All AES-IntelliNet alarm communication products are narrowband-compliant.

NFPA 72 Code and Chapters

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