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5 Ways AES Training Academy Can Help Your Team Gain a Competitive Advantage

  AES recognizes that we all work in a fast paced, highly-competitive industry where even the slightest improvement in operations can have a significant impact on business.   In the pursuit of operational excellence, our customers are always looking for ways to enhance their skills, improve efficiency, and reduce overall costs.  Alarm monitoring businesses with installing organizations and Central Stations seek a competitive advantage to set them

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How to Wire the J4 Trouble Output Properly

The Purpose and Proper Use of the J4 Output Today’s blog is not intended to be overly technical.  The intent is to raise awareness of the J4 output on subscriber units; it purpose and proper use.  J4 is the output connector for the Form C Fail Secure Antenna Cut / Acknowledge Delay Relay / Low Battery / Charger Fail located on the subscriber circuit board. The

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How to Test RF Performance

Testing Your Cable Installation, Antenna & Transceivers Performance In our last AES Insights Blog post, we reviewed the importance of selecting proper coaxial cable and its installation.  In today’s Blog, we’ll briefly review just a few ways you can test your cable installation along with your antenna and transceivers performance. There are several points of failure associated with Radio Frequency (RF) power performance.  During the course of

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Coax Cable Selection and Termination

Selecting the Right Coaxial Cable Performing a quality installation will ensure optimal performance of your AES-IntelliNet® mesh radio network.  Selecting the right coaxial cable and properly installing it is the foundation to a quality installation.  Selection, however, can be challenging for those not familiar with the many types of coaxial cable and connectors currently on the market.  In this Blog post, we’ll help take some of

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6 Steps for Performing a Quality Installation

Subscriber Installation Performing a quality installation will ensure optimal performance of your AES-IntelliNet® mesh radio network. It will also provide the scalability necessary to rapidly grow your network and increase its resiliency. A comprehensive pre-installation AES Site Survey will equip the installer with valuable insight about the installation site. The site survey will reveal useful information such as: Building construction information (whether the building is wood,

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