When it comes to providing alarm monitoring installation and service, the best protection for your customers is reliability and rapid response. 


AES Corporation’s patented 
AES-IntelliNet® mesh radio technology 
is easy to install and manage. AES licensed
private networks are owner operated and
controlled without reliance on
public service providers.

Here are four ways that AES can help lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

  1. High Monthly RMR
    AES private network owners and operators directly control alarm monitoring services end-to-end without having to face the risks associated with public communications for alarms, helping them protect their Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR). With their own branded networks powered by AES-IntelliNet technology, alarm dealers are able to capture an additional RMR stream that was formerly going to public service providers and quickly grow their alarm monitoring business profitably.
  1. Network Stability
    Originally developed for rigorous military installations, AES-IntelliNet mesh radio technology was designed solely for alarm communications. AES private wireless mesh networks are the most reliable in the alarm industry and not subject to service interruptions or evolutionary infrastructure changes such as discontinuance of AlarmNet-A, 2G Sunset, or Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). Copper to fiber conversions are an ongoing issue for signal transmission and call completion. AES-IntelliNet mesh radio technology eliminates the chance of single-point-of-failure with self-healing technology and uses automatic smart routing to ensure the shortest, most reliable route for delivering critical alarm signals. AES offers a wide range of products, tools, and services to help optimize your network, including network management. AES products are covered under warranty and comprehensive maintenance programs.
  1. Reduced Operating Expenses
    AES-IntelliNet networks are easy to install and manage. There are no testing costs, AES products are UL listed and NFPA compliant. With AES networks, there’s no downtime. When other traditional alarm communication methods fail during power and cellular outages, AES radio signals keep operations running at peak performance. AES supports our partners every step of the way from the initial stage of network startup to after the system is fully operational. Our dedicated global support team is available via telephone, email, web, and provides scheduled technical training.
  1. Return on Investment (ROI)
    Investing in networks powered by AES-IntelliNet technology saves alarm dealers long term expenses by not having to replace units for the next technology upgrade and repeating again for multiple future upgrades. By converting alarm communications technology to private wireless mesh radio before feeling the impact of obsoleting technologies, alarm dealers and installers don’t have to worry about equipment availability or the high costs of labor intensive replacements by field technicians and truck rolls to service their customer’s alarm systems.

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