AES representatives have been hearing more and more from dealers in the field who have reasoned that they cannot use our technology for residential security because it does not incorporate interactive. If you have fallen into this line of thinking, we urge you to consider that AES and interactive services ARE NOT mutually exclusive. In fact, some of our most successful customers are using their AES alarm communication networks as “the best” option in a tiered service approach to residential security. 

In this post we will address the issue regarding the combination of AES technology and interactive residential security services. You will learn:

  1. How to eliminate headaches caused by cellular sunsets for you and your residential customers.
  2. The benefits of combining IP and AES for your residential customers.
  3. Positioning IP and AES for maximum success when selling residential security services.
Sunsets Are Not Going Away

Have you ever noticed the warning on your side view mirrors that states, “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”? Well, the 2022 deadline set by all the major cell providers is fast approaching. So, if you rely on cellular radios for your security services, there is no way around the impact this has had (and will continue to have) on your business. The fact is that cellular technology is no where near maturation and more sunsets are inevitable. That’s why if you’re looking to avoid costly truck rolls and unpredictable price fluxes for years to come, switching your alarm communications method to a more permanent and reliable method is highly recommended. 

The Good News...

The good news is that interactive services and alarm communications are two different things. However, because cellular and interactive have been linked together and packaged as “the easy solution,” many dealers have come to believe that they are one and the same. The reality is that by combining existing or new IP infrastructure with your AES alarm communication network, you can offer your customers the convenience of interactive security (IP) with the assurance of the most reliable alarm communications network (AES). 

The Benefits of IP + AES for Your Residential Security Customers

If you have already decided that cellular sunsets are not worth the headache, you are probably using IP as your communication method for delivering interactive residential security services, which is great! However, if you have the ability to combine this with your own private, wireless mesh network for alarm communications, and are not, you could be missing out on a wealth of opportunity. 

The fact is when it comes to communicating alarm signals, AES’s technology is developed for real-world applications and is the most reliable option available today. Sure, interactive services can make life easier, but you probably wouldn’t stake your life on the reliability of an IP line, right? So… doesn’t it stand to reason that your customers wouldn’t either?


Additional IP + AES Benefits

In addition to providing the most reliable form of alarm communication in conjunction to interactive services, other benefits to using IP + AES include, but are not limited to:

  1. The ability to own, manage, and brand your own private wireless alarm communications network; many AES dealers sell interactive services using their customers’ existing internet providers, while selling the reliability of their privately owned alarm communications networks.
  2. You can offer residential fire monitoring in addition to home invasions. 
    It is very difficult for intruders to use jamming on AES networks.
  3. The connection of alarm signals to the central station cannot be manually disconnected (i.e., a burglar cannot cut a coax cable to sever alarm signal communication).
  4. Due to the elimination of sunsetting costs and monthly cellular fees, AES dealers find that customers with AES accounts churn far less.
Positioning Your AES Networks for Residential Customers

AES dealers who use AES as the alarm communications network for their residential security services have the ability to offer tiered pricing. This ensures that they can grow a customer-base with a wider range of budgetary and security considerations. Often times AES dealers offer good, better, best models so that their customers can select how much security they want to spend. This gives sales reps an easier way in and plenty of opportunity to upsell! Below is a sample pricing matrix showing how you can successfully position your residential security services using both IP and AES:

Example Pricing Matrix
That's a Wrap

If you have questions for the sales rep. in your area, you can contact them directly using the Sales Team Map, or email 

Thanks for reading, please leave your comments below!

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Introducing the 7207 Extender!

The new 7207 Extender is a wireless alternative to remoting an antenna when getting a signal outside the building proves challening. Order this product today to have on hand for upcoming installations!

Introducing the 7207 Extender!

The new 7207 Extender is a wireless alternative to remoting an antenna when getting a signal outside the building proves challening. Order this product today to have on hand for upcoming installations!