2.0 Subscriber

7007P-P-M IntelliNet 2.0 Burglary Subscriber

The 7007P-P-M IntelliNet® 2.0 Burglary Subscriber includes 4 Zones with integrated onboard local annunciator and MCT, Multiple Communication Technologies (RF/IP). Includes the 7094A IntelliPro full data module. Comes in a durable, Gray Polymer enclosure with Power & Trouble LEDs and backlit LCD display.


The IntelliNet 2.0 burglary subscriber transmits full alarm zone and event codes. It's easy to program with your laptop, phone or tablet and provides instant subscriber status with front panel LEDs and backlit LCD display.

UL 985 Standard for Household Fire Warning System Units
Edition UL 1023 Standard for Household Burglary Alarm System Units
UL 365 Standard for Police Station Connected Burglary Alarm Units and Systems
Edition 4 UL 1610 Standard for Central Station Burglary Alarm Units
Edition 4

Dimensions 13”H x 8.5”W x 4.5”D

Weight 3.8 lbs., excluding battery

Radio Frequency Standard Frequency Range: 450-470 MHz Contact AES for other UHF and VHF frequencies

Antenna 2.5 dB tamper resistant antenna included, mounts on enclosure Optional remote mounting antenna available

Power Output 2 Watt Factory set

Power Input Transformer: Class 2 16.5V AC nominal output 1.8 A max current. (40 VA min.) (Transformer not included with subscriber)

Backup Battery 12V lead acid gel cell battery 10 AH. F2 Connectors

Zone Inputs 4 programmable Zones: NO/NC/Supervised EOL/Fire EOL

Reset Button Located on main circuit board

System Trouble Output Relay Form C relay, fail secure, rated 24V DC 1A resistive, unsupervised

Operating Temperature 32 to 120°F

Storage Temperature 14° to 140° F

Relative Humidity 0 to 93%, non-condensing

Ports 2 USB and 1 Ethernet ports

Annunciator Integrated Local Annunciator (Remote Annunciator accessory available)

Compatible Receivers 7705i and 7705ii AES-MultiNet Receiver

Programming Interface Web browser capable device accessible via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC

Enclosure Material Plastic

Enclosure color Gray

Visual Indicators Front panel LCD with Power and Trouble LEDs. Additional LED indicators inside enclosure (ALM, Trouble, Tx, Rx, WA)

  • UL approved for security certifications: UL 1610, UL 365, and UL Household Security 1023; UL Household Fire, and UL 985
  • 4 zone inputs
  • Advanced panel programming for Upload/Download capability via Honeywell Compass 2.0 Downloader software
  • Virtual Keypad Emulation for remote programming of the alarm panel to arm and disarm
  • Dual Communication/Multiple communication technologies (reporting over RF and IP)
  • Improved functionality with an adaptive graphical user interface (GUI) for programming via smartphones, tablet and PCs
  • 2.5 dB rubber duck antenna
  • Door Tamper switch
  • Offers flexible power and configuration options

Software Update

Updating AES 2.0 with a Thumb Drive
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Updating AES 2.0 with a Laptop and Ethernet Connection
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7007P-P-M IntelliNet 2.0 Burglary Subscriber

Release Date: June 2023

If currently running software v6.2.02 or older please contact tech support for correct files.

Follow this link to request a pre-loaded USB thumb drive.

Download v6.2.09