Perfect for antenna installations that have a total distance of 25 ft. or less.

Includes silver L-shaped mounting bracket with an RG-58 cable with TNC male and TNC female with bulkhead connectors. Available with 6 ft., 10 ft., or 25 ft. cable. Mounting bracket includes a clear zinc chromate coating to deter corrosion.

Product number and price by cable length:
7214-EMK-6 (6 ft.): $56.40
7214-EMK-10 (10 ft.): $62.30
7214-EMK-25 (25 ft.): $66.25

Additional Parts for Your Installation

Product Part #
Available Lengths
Silver antenna mount without cable.
RG-58 Cable with BNC male and N male connectors.
10 ft., 15 ft., 20 ft., 25 ft.
$31.90 - $35.20
RG-58 Cable with two N male connectors.
10 ft. and 25 ft.
$31.90, $35.20
RG-58 Cable with an N male connector and a TNC female with bulkhead.
10 ft. and 25 ft.
$31.90, $35.20
RG-58 Cable with a TNC male connector on one a TNC female with bulkhead.
10 ft. and 25 ft.
$31.90, $35.20
LMR-400 cable with N male connector on both ends.
25 ft. and 50 ft.
LMR-400 Cable, (100 ft.) 1 N male connector with no connector on other end.
100 ft.


Three cable lengths to choose from to accommodate varying types of installations. Cable easily connects from antenna to Subscriber.


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