Defining a Blanket Order

A blanket order is an agreement that arranges for regularly scheduled products or services to be delivered in a certain quantity, at a certain time, throughout a set period (usually one year). As a valued AES customer, you are entitled to participate in our burglary and fire subscriber blanket order programs at any time.

Why You Should Be On a Blanket Order

There are a lot of good reasons why you should consider blanket order purchasing through AES. If you are unsure if blanket ordering is right for your business goals, keep reading to learn more.

Pro Tip: If you want to grow your AES network in 2021 and increase the valuation of your business, blanket ordering is right for you! Read our post about extending and strengthening your network for more information. 

The Top 3 Benefits

1. Considerable Savings

You know the classic saying, time is money? Well with blanket order purchasing you can save on both.

By consolidating your subscriber orders with AES into a blanket order contract, you can save thousands of dollars through marked down pricing. We are able to offer these discounts by requiring an order minimum of 6 subscribers per month. Through bulk ordering and a well orchestrated production queue, we are able to save on lean purchasing and back-of-house overhead. 

Not only does this assure that blanket orders are a win-win for AES and you, our valued customers, but it also assures that we are able to do what we do best; provide plans, products, and pricing that enables our customers to be successful. Additionally, you will be saving your purchasing team time by rolling your order into one, easy to manage contract. By consolidating the number of purchase orders and buying negotiations in place throughout your procurement department, you will be freeing up administrative time and resources to allocate to other endeavors. 

2. Shortens and Ensures Purchasing Lead Times

As indicated above, by maintaining an organized monthly production schedule, we are able to ensure regularly scheduled product delivery dates. This helps AES dealers like you plan ahead based on prior sales numbers. Of course, if you don’t have the data to know appropriate projections, our team is happy to help. We can provide similar estimates based on AES dealers in your area, or we can start off small. AES offers blanket order deals with a minimum of only 6 subscribers per month. This is perfect for new dealers who are just starting to grow their networks – especially dealers who want to take advantage of the free Hybrid with a blanket order promotion!

3. Raises Profit Margins

Blanket orders are a great way for full service AES dealers to make money! This is because when you sign a blanket order purchase agreement with AES, you receive considerable discounts. When you re-sell subscribers to your dealer customers, you can maintain regular pricing, and put the additional money made straight towards your bottom line. In fact, you can offer subscribers at a discounted rate to your customers because of the savings you will receive. So not only will you have the promotional backing to sell more subscribers, but you will also make an increased profit the more you sell – it’s an undeniable win-win!

Thanks For Reading!

Thanks for reading this post featuring our pick for the top 3 benefits of blanket ordering with AES. If you have feedback on this post, or valuable feedback about blanket ordering with AES for other readers, please share your comment in the field below!

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