As a security service provider, you understand the importance of a reliable network – but have you ever considered the value of establishing your own private wireless mesh network? AES fire and security communicators give you the ability to develop a private network that isn’t reliant on cellular or IP. 

In this post you will learn about the top 3 benefits of establishing a private wireless mesh network. These benefits include:

  1. The value of owning your own network.
  2. The value of branding your network. 
  3. The value of full network visibility.
Owning Your Network

When you own your network, you manage and control your network. This means that you never have to be at the mercy of public service providers again. If you have ever experienced cellular congestion or spotty internet connectivity, you understand how important this is. Additionally, you can expand your network anywhere at any time. In fact, if there is untapped potential in your part of the country due to lack of public telecommunications network coverage, a private wireless mesh could be incredibly lucrative for your business.

Owning your network also means that once your investment is paid for, all of the revenue generated goes straight to your profit margin. This is a huge benefit for independent dealers and integrators who want to sell their businesses for the most they possibly can when the time comes.

Branding Your Network

As the owner of your private network, you can brand it as your own – giving you a leg up on local competition.

A few key benefits you can highlight in the branding of your network include:

Reliability – Unlike cellular, internet, and outdated phone lines, your private network is not susceptible to going down or becoming clogged during emergencies and natural disasters. The fault tolerance of a radio frequency wireless mesh network means that if one or more of your sites go down, the network signals will automatically reroute to the fastest and nearest communicator. This means that the network is handled with nearly 100% efficiency. In fact, the more you grow your UL listed and NFPA compliant private network with AES technology, the more reliable it becomes – choose the best healing and path selection frequencies automatically. 

Speed – Not only is radio frequency technology the fastest method of wireless communication available (taking an average of 3 seconds to alert the central station, as compared to cell/ IP averages of around 45 seconds), but with your fault tolerant network, signals automatically follow the shortest available path ensuring the quickest response time.

No sunsets – AES networks are built to last throughout the ages. This means you can guarantee customers that you won’t need to recharge when new technology comes out every 3 to 5 years down the road.

Finally, as an AES dealer you will have access to a variety of white labeled collateral and materials you can use to brand your network- making it easy for your sales and marketing team to help expand and grow the network wherever there is need. 

Using the NMS enables you to fully take control of your network from anywhere at any time.

Seeing Your Network

AES Network Management System (NMS) gives our customers a browser-based dashboard that provides:

  1. Real time reporting of alarm panel and subscriber events
  2. Interactive visualization of the network using Google Earth TM
  3. User configurable notification alerts via SMS and email to key personal of network events
  4. Network score for the Dealer Dashboard
  5. Subscriber and IP Link service logs
  6. Visualization of subscriber routes for RF signals
  7. Ability to enter non-AES equipment for visualization of network expansion

Owning your own network comes with several benefits and opportunities for revenue growth. If you would like to learn more about starting an AES network, you can request to be contacted by a member of our dedicated sales team today.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to submit in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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