7007P-M IntelliNet 2.0 Burglary Subscriber

4-Zone supervised burglary alarm communicator with integrated LCD display, LED indicators, and annunciator.
The 7007P-M IntelliNet 2.0 Burglary Subscriber includes 4 Zones with integrated onboard local annunciator and dual communication technology (reporting over RF and IP). Comes in a durable, Gray Polymer enclosure with Power & Trouble LEDs, backlit LCD display.

Note: UL Listed for Burg.


The IntelliNet 2.0 Burglary Subscriber transmits consolidated alarm, trouble, and supervisory signals. It’s easy to program with your laptop, phone or tablet and provides instant subscriber status with front panel LEDs and backlit LCD display.

UL 985 Standard for Household Fire Warning System Units
UL 1023 Standard for Household Burglary Alarm System Units
UL 365 Standard for Police Station Connected Burglary Alarm Units and Systems
UL 1610 Standard for Central Station Burglary Alarm Units

Technical Specifications


12” H x 8.25” W x 4.75” D
(29.2cm H x 18.4cm W x 12cm D)


11.05 lbs (5.01 kilograms) with 10 Ah battery
4 lbs (1.8 kilograms), excluding battery

Radio Frequency

Standard Frequency Range: 450-470 MHz
Contact AES for other UHF and VHF frequencies.


2.5 dB tamper resistant antenna included

Power Input

16.5V AC Class 2 Transformer, Transformer not included
24V DC External Regulated Power Supply
24V or 12V DC Regulated Power Supply from Security Panel AUX Power

Backup Battery

10 Ah with 7094A; 6 Ah without, UL recognized lead acid gel cell battery
Size based on Subscriber configuration

Current Consumption
Backup Battery Power

Standby = .181A
Transmit = .790A
Optional 7094A = .145A, Standby and Alarm

Alarm Signal / Input Zones

4 Individually programmable E.O.L. type zone inputs
Optional 7094A AESIntelliPro for full data via Contact ID, Pulse, limited support for Modem format

Trouble Output - Ack Delay/ Antenna Cut

Form C relay, fail secure, rated 24V DC 1A resistive, unsupervised

Reset Button

Located on main circuit board


32 to 120°F (0 to 49°C)


14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)


0 to 93% RHC, non-condensing


(1) Ethernet
(2) USB


Integrated Local Annunciator (Remote Annunciator accessory available)

Programming Interface

Web browser capable device accessible via smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC

Power Output

2 or 5 Watts
Contact AES for other options





Visual Indicators

Front panel LCD (2 x 20 alphanumeric character backlit display)
Power and Trouble LEDs (ALM, Trouble, Tx, Rx, WA)

  1. Virtual keypad emulation for remote programming of the alarm panel to arm and disarm.
  2. Includes dual communication/multiple communication technology (reporting over RF and IP)
  3. Flexible power options for powering from dedicated power or auxiliary security alarm panel.
  4. Capable of utilizing Internet connection for installations requiring secondary alarm path and dual reporting of alarm signals.
  5. Quick and intuitive configuration using adaptive Graphic User Interface (GUI) via a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.
  6. Hardware and Software Ready to interface with a security alarm panel via high speed serial and/or IP interfaces.
  7. Compatible for alarm delivery utilizing the Honeywell ECP bus and Digital Security Controls (DSC) keypad bus.

7094A IntelliPro Board


1640 Transformer

Software Update

Updating AES 2.0 with a Thumb Drive

(thumb drive is only used with UBIFS full download)

Updating AES 2.0 with a Laptop and Ethernet Connection

7007P-M IntelliNet 2.0 Burglary Subscriber


Release Date: January 2024

If currently running software v6.2.02 or older please contact tech support for correct files. 

Follow this link to request a pre-loaded USB thumb drive.