7207 Extender

Wireless Network Bridge

Ideal for installations where it is challenging to get a signal out of a building.

The 7207 Extender acts as a wireless network bridge, eliminating the need to run long cables when getting a signal outside the building proves challenging.

The Extender comes with two transceivers set to an unlicensed FRS frequency. One of these transceivers in the Extender will be replaced with a transceiver from a Subscriber that is set to your specific network frequency. This will allow the Extender to have a direct connection to the Subscriber in the building, as well as to your overall mesh network. Extender also comes with (2) 2.5 dBi Rubber Duck antennas and (1) 1640 transformer.

See below for details on how the 7207 Extender gets AES signals outside of buildings wirelessly.

Price: $299.00

How It Works

The AES 7207 Extender provides connectivity to an overall RF mesh network by wirelessly connecting a Subscriber (Subscriber A, below) to the Extender using an unlicensed FRS frequency (Frequency 1*). The extender will communicate all Subscriber signals to the network using it’s licensed frequency (Frequency 2).

*Frequency 1 will utilize 1 of 22 unlicensed FRS (Family Radio Service) channels in the 462 MHz to 467 MHz range.

Product Tip

For the Extender to work properly it should be placed in a location where it has two good paths (Netcon 5) and is in the same building as the Subscriber. An example of a typical installation would have the 7207 Extender installed near the roof to provide connectivity to both the overall mesh network and to the Subscriber located on a lower floor.

Tested to UL 864, Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems

Technical Specifications


13″ H x 10″ W x 4.5″ D
(33 cm. x 25.5 cm. x 11.4 cm.)


9.7 lbs. (4 kg.), Without Battery


1 of 22 Unlicensed FRS (Family Radio Service) 462-467 MHz Range


(2) 2.5 dBi Tamper Resistant Antennas Included

Reset Button

Located on Main Circuit Board

Power Input

16 VAC

Backup Battery

12 V 7.5 AH

Current Consumption

  1. 7207 – Standby w/o Backup Battery: 210 mA (940 Transmitting)
  2. 7207 – Standby w/ Charged Backup Battery: 230 mA (960 Transmitting)
  3. 7207 – Standby + Charging Backup Battery: 890 mA (1.64 A Transmitting –  Maximum)


32 to 120°F (0 to 49°C)


14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)


0 to 93%, Non-condensing




Navy Blue


2 or 5 Watts


Front Panel LCD (2 x 20 Alphanumeric Character Backlit Display)

  1. Menu/ Silence Button
  2. Power and Trouble LEDs

On Main Board

  1. Tx, Rx


Integrated Local Annunciator