8705 IntelliNet® Network Control Center

The complete end-to-end network monitoring and management platform.

AES is excited to introduce the IntelliNet® Network Control Center (INCC). This software combines the capabilities of the MultiNet Receiver (MNR), including IP control, and the Network Management System (NMS), into one platform.

Now, you no longer need to rely on costly proprietary hardware. The INCC software from AES allows you to receive and send alarm signals to central station alarm automation software and monitor all facets of your network from a centralized dashboard.

Part #'s:

  1. 8705-T1 (For up to 4,999 accounts, includes two instances)
  2. 8705-T2 (For 5,000+ accounts, includes two instances)
"Southwest Dispatch Center has had the opportunity to operate on the new IntelliNet® Network Control Center for a little over a month and we are thrilled with how well it is going. With the new INCC software, we can easily manage our twelve networks, which cover over 120 square miles in Texas and throughout the Southwest, from one consolidated receiver and network management platform that is intuitive and easy to use.

In addition to our satisfaction with the new features that have our networks looking better than ever, we are so pleased with how responsive AES has been throughout the transition process. Their assistance has been invaluable as we navigate the learning curve of a new technology and management of daily tasks. We are extremely pleased with our investment in the new INCC receiver and management software, as well as the future of AES-IntelliNet technology.”
Malcolm Reed, Vice President of Sales
Southwest Dispatch Center


User-friendly and intuitive interface that helps you to easily manage all aspects of your network from one screen.

Technical Specifications

Server Hardware (min requirements)

  1. 1 TB disk drive storage
  2. Intel® Xeon® quad core microprocessor with minimum speed of 2.4 GHz, or similar specification x64 Intel® compatible microprocessor
  3. 8 GB RAM
  4. USB Type-A or Type-C (USB 2.0/3.0)
  5. 100 Mb Ethernet connection

Operating System

Ubuntu server 20.04.4 (64 bit) *Note newer versions will not work

Database Requirements

No requirements - built-in DB will be used


  1. UL 864, Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems microprocessor
  2. UL 2610, Commercial Premises Security Alarm Units and Systems
  3. FDNY and CSFM Approved


Software must be installed in temperature environment maintained between 55-95ºF (13-35ºC)

  1. Supports up to 99 Business Units
  2. Remote capablities for TTL Settings, Resetting a Subscriber, and more
  3. The ability to create users based on individual roles
  4. View live traffic by Overall Network, Business Unit, or Subscriber
  5. Kiosk Mode Feature

IntelliNet Network Control Center How-to Videos