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Take the first step in building a smarter network — and truly growing your business. Ready to start investing in YOUR bottom line? Thousands of companies have found success with privately owned AES networks. Why not start yours today?

The Communications Platform You Can Rely On

Our technology is the fastest and most reliable method available for alarm communications.

Easy to Get Up and Running Quickly with IntelliStart

Your dedicated AES Technical Support project manager will walk you through the process step by step, remotely and on-site. We make it simple and you start saving money right away!

No Monthly Communication Costs

Unlike cellular, no monthly fees means lower monthly monitoring costs —  and a greater company valuation.

AES-IntelliNet and IntelliNet 2.0

The AES family of products and services is built using our private wireless mesh radio technology, developed and designed for multiple monitoring applications.

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Success Stories

Hear from the companies that use AES to grow their businesses every day.
Swipe DynaFire

"Zero AES Subscriber units were impacted by the hurricane, regarding being hit by the storm or damaged… We lost no units due to water, wind, or storm damage including the IP Links. Our mesh radio network, DynaNet, was 100% solvent."

Swipe Per Mar

"With traditional phone lines becoming more of a problem with customers or providers switching to Voice over IP (VoIP), we have been able to come in with AES to eliminate the phone line(s) from being an issue."

Swipe Central Alarm Control, Inc.

"AES technology allows us to quickly get a customer online without having to wait for phone lines or internet service to the site."

Swipe Wayne Alarm Systems

“It future-proofs our business and enables us to ensure convenience and peace of mind for customers.”

Swipe Guardian Alarm

"Relying on third-party networks is risky. With AES, we are in complete control of our communications network."

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AES Best Practices

Our blog posts include technical tips, answers to frequently asked questions, and how-tos. Use the comments to leave feedback and engage with our technical experts.