Month: February 2017

How to Test RF Performance

Testing Your Cable Installation, Antenna & Transceivers Performance In our last AES Insights Blog post, we reviewed the importance of selecting proper coaxial cable and its installation.  In today’s Blog, we’ll briefly review just a few ways you can test your cable installation along with your antenna and transceivers performance. There are several points of failure associated with Radio Frequency (RF) power performance.  During the course of… Read more »

Coax Cable Selection and Termination

Selecting the Right Coaxial Cable Performing a quality installation will ensure optimal performance of your AES-IntelliNet® mesh radio network.  Selecting the right coaxial cable and properly installing it is the foundation to a quality installation.  Selection, however, can be challenging for those not familiar with the many types of coaxial cable and connectors currently on the market.  In this Blog post, we’ll help take some of… Read more »